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Zongo Chief begs gov’t for an ultra-modern Arabic and English school

The newly installed Chief of Kwaprow Zongo Community, Sarki Abdul Karim Dawda, has appealed to the Government of Ghana, Muslim Missions, philanthropists and individuals on the urgent need to construct an ultra modern Arabic and English school at Kwaprow Community to boost Islamic education in the country.

He believes that the construction of an Arabic and English School within the area will not only benefit the Muslims but Christians as well.

Sarki Karim Dawda again expressed sadness that not a single Makaranta( Schools for the study of the Qu’ran) at Kwaprow community and thus appealed to the Ghana Muslim Mission to come to his aid by providing an ultra modern Makaranta for the Kwaprow Zongo Community.

The Chief made this heartfelt appeal at his colorful installation ceremony which attracted chiefs from other communities.

A piece of white calico was bound around the chief’s head to signify his installation and Muslim prayers were offered to seal the exercise.

Sarki Karim Dawda vowed to collaborate with the Chief of Kwaprow, Nana Kwesi Mensah III to transform Kwaprow Community.

He also ppealed to the government to extend 1D1F policy to the Kwaprow Community because there is no single factory in the community.

Sarki Karim Dawda again appealed to the Government to work in collaboration with the Zongo Chiefs to address the challenges of youth unemployment facing the zongo communities.

He advised the youth in the various Zongos to take their education seriously and be wary of politicians who oftentimes recruit them for vices during and after general elections.

Sarki Karim Dawda again appealed to the youth of Zongo communities to be law-abiding and desist from any unpleasant acts.

On his part, the Chief of Kwaprow, Nana Kwesi Mensah was happy to have Sarki Abdul Karim Dawda as Zongo Chief of the area and promised to partner with him to develop Kwaprow.

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