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“You were a politician’s side chic” – Afia Schwar shades Delay, drops chilly details –

Afia Schwar has called out Delay over the recent speech she gave about being independent and not being in a rush to overtake her competitors.
On the back of that address, Afia Schwar has called her out for preaching virtue publicly while he practices vice privately.
According to her, Delay is the exact opposite of what she propounds since she was desperate to be the side chic of a politician and also worked so hard to be the wife of a politician.
Writing a long post on Instagram which was targeted at taking a dig at Delay, Afia Schwar not only pooh-pooh her self-aggrandising address but also revealed that she helped build Delay’s confidence and self-image.
Afia Schwar revealed that Delay was once desperate so much so that he had to move out from his shanty room to go perch with his boyfriend so she could paint a fake picture about her life.
Amongst other revelations, she insinuated that Delay has been chasing men and could not be taken seriously if she preaches about morality, feminine values and decency.
After their friendship broke off, Afia Schwar has been on the neck of Delay and has not spared any opportunity to throw shots at her.
Is this one of those usual antics Afia Schwar has always been up to?
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Delay calls out fellow celebrities for putting unnecessary pressure on the youths

Ace Ghanaian TV and radio show host Deloris Frimpong Manso popularly known as Delay has called out her fellow celebrities for putting unnecessary pressure on young ladies.
Speaking at an event, Delay boldly called out her fellow celebrities who have gone under the knife to enhance their bodies.
According to her, she’s shocked that people are now crazy for perfection and superficial things forgetting that they’ll one day die and leave it all behind.
As advised by Delay, the youths shouldn’t be moved by the lavish lifestyle celebrities portray on the internet because most of them do a lot of disgusting things behind the scenes in order to finance the glamorous lifestyle we see on the net.
She additionally exposed how some of these known female celebrities travel all the way to Dubai just to eat faeces and get paid after that.
Although she didn’t mention any names, but most social media users have linked Mcbrown, Kisa Gbekle, Sandra Ankobiah, Joselyn Dumas etc to the jab from Delay concerning body enhancement.
The aforementioned persons and female celebrities are known for flaunting their enhanced bodies on the internet – Putting unnecessary pressure on young and naive ladies to emulate.
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