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“Yes I Have Water But That Is Not Me In the Leaked Video, I Can’t Do Such a Thing”- Bushenyi MP’s Wife Karungi Joy Speaks Out – ThatCelebrity.Com

Yesterday social media was covered with a water logged video of a Kabaale Babe who had widely opened her “Bwaguuga” and splashed a whole water of “Jibu Water” on Bed with speculations that it was Bushenyi MP Baimukye’s wife Karungi Joy but now she has spoken out.

According to Sabula UG, They had an chat with her and she confirmed that she’s not the one in the trending video confirming and that she is DRY like the Sahara desert.

“That’s not me in the video because I am not waterlogged. Additionally, I am a God-fearing person, so I can’t involve myself in such evil acts. I am also sorry to my family because I know how this feels when these allegations are attached to your loved one,” Joy reportedly stated.

The MP’s wife says that she doesn’t have too much water yet the woman in the video released a full tank of National water that could be used for irrigation.

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However, Red Pepper news company still insists that she is the one as they keep mentioning on their Facebook page.

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