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Why I Agreed To Become A Gay After I Travelled To Kumasi – 31 years Man Reveals

Why I Agreed To Become A Gay After I Travelled To Kumasi – Man Reveals.

A 31-year-old man named Nana Akwasi from Asotwe revealed in an interview why he agreed to be a gay after he travelled to Kumasi. The man explained that he was staying with his family in Akyeresua but he acted as a female which made his family members to always insult him and not having a close relationship with him. Nana Akwasi said he gets upset about the way his family members treat him which makes him travel from his hometown to Kumasi.

He became homeless for a few days and feeding himself was difficult for him. One day, he met a rich man who decided to help him. He sends him to his house to stay with him but the rich man reveals to him that he is gay and wants to date him, he was surprised about it but that man promises to make him rich and his family members will accept him.
Nana Akwasi added that he decided not to agree with this man and become gay, but the rich warn him that he will stop all his promises to him and he will become homeless again. Because he was going to have a financial crisis when he refused his offer, he agreed to be gay.

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The man took good care of him and always gave him money every time he slept with him. He was the only cook and did all the duties of a woman in the house.

Months later he regretted letting the rich man commit this act, he plotted and ran away from the rich man’s house and never came back. Although he decided not to start over, when he came home but he began to face a financial crisis, he found an old man who also helped him open a shop in the kejetia market but he too was a gay and they entered into a relationship. He still couldn’t stop sleeping with other, he only wears women’s clothes, puts on makeup and walks like a woman, which makes gays attracted to him.

One fateful night, he had a revelation about stranger who threatens him that if he will die if he does not stop his bad act. Nama Akwasi tells that he begins to feel insecure when he wakes up, and he is also become terrified and decides to repent for his actions, his evil. Nana claims that he burned all his clothes and started wearing men’s clothes and also changed his behavior. This guy advises young men to avoid anyone who intentionally introduces them into gay.

SOURCE: OperaNews

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