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Why do females struggle to sustain relevance in Creative Arts? – Lady Scratch

Why do females struggle to sustain relevance in Creative Arts? – Lady Scratch
Lady Scratch

“Even in the Artiste of the decade category in Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) in 2019, the competition was between Sarkodie and Samini. Hardly did people push for any woman in that category,” Lady Scratch, an artiste now in media, wonders why females struggle to sustain relevance in Creative Arts.

Known officially as Belinda Yaa Kyeiwa Asomani, Lady Scratch is asking scads of questions about the industry not favouring females to live to their highest potential.
“Is it that the industry is male-biased, or it’s a way to reward the males more than the females in the industry?” Lady Scratch wondered further.

Speaking to The Chronicle, Lady Scratch mentioned that if Eno Barony was a male, she would have done better than she is now.

Using her (Lady Scratch) days in music and her current work in the media, she added, “I got a better understanding of the media and how it works when I started working as the Producer of programmes, promoting music. For instance, working with ‘Yenko fie’ and ‘Adwuma Pa Mbre’ on Connect FM, there are conscious efforts to push the music of the females.”

“So it will be unfair to say that the media does not support female musicians. If so, why are they unable to sustain relevance for long?” Lady Scratch quizzed.

She further wondered why no female Artiste has been able to stay relevant in the industry like Sarkodie.

“There is an urgent need for the industry to convene on this issue because there will come a time Ghana will struggle to get any female to compete on the international stage. I think the media, industry players and the females in the industry should, as a matter of urgency, brainstorm on this problem,” Lady Scratch ended.

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