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We haven’t issued permit to anyone to mine at Desiri forest reserve – Forestry Commission

The Mankranso District Forest Services Division Manager, Mr. Godwin Agyemang has categorically stated that Forestry Commission has not issued permits to anyone to mine at Desiri Forest Reserve at Numesua near Tepa in the Ahafo Ano North Municipality of the Ashanti Region.

Adding that his outfit and the forestry commission have no hands in the ongoing illegal mining, farms, and illegal loggers which present a major threat to the Reserve so they will ensure that the perpetrators are brought to book.

According to him, some stakeholders are doing community mining in the Desiri forest reserves which government and private developers have invested and they have made part of the reserve as a community and have erected temporal structures but the illegal activities have affected the water bodies and farmland.

Speaking to the media, Mr. Agyemang vowed that they will not allow some people to destroy the forest for their parochial interest.

He, therefore, appealed to residents and the media to collaborate with the commission to protect and preserve the reserve which has a collateral benefit for not only the area but the entire nation.

Forest reserves in the Asunafo South, Asunafo North, Asutifi North, Asutifi South, and Ahafo Ano South for a long time has been under siege by illegal loggers and farmers who with support from influential opinion leaders are destroying the reserves with impunity.

This has resulted in severe economic repercussions as some people have lost their livelihood to these activities and sometimes resulted in deaths due to violent attacks on them.

Source: Elvis Anokye, Contributor

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