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Thieves steal artificial pitch at Drobo-Faaman – Bono Region

Thieves steal artificial pitch at Drobo-Faaman – Bono Region.

An artificial pitch which was being constructed at Drobo-Faaman in the Bono Region has suffered a severe hit back by thieves.

Part of the artificial pitch which is meant to serve the community after completion has been stolen overnight by unidentified thieves.

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Sharing photos on social media, Sports Journalist Sadick Adams reported that the pitch which was to be a multipurpose field could not be finished as a major part have been stolen.

The thieves did cut part of the artificial pitch and sent it away. In turn, destroying the hard work of the engineers who had painstakingly laid the grass.

Check out the photos below…You

Many have blamed the negative attitude some Ghanaians have towards development as a reason for the nation’s recurrent woes.

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