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The Ashantis ‘Revealed’ New Names For President Nana Addo And Vice Bawumia

The Ashantis ‘Revealed’ New Names For President Nana Addo And Vice Bawumia

The President of the Republic of Ghana, President Nana Addo; and his Vice, Dr. Bawumia will surely be confused, if not shocked; after hearing the news of the new names, or titles given them, by their party’s (New Patriotic Party’s-NPP) stronghold region (Ashanti Region).

There is an old saying, that says; ‘if all has been said and done, there is nothing more to say’. When the people gets ‘fully drenched in a situation beyond their control, they become really fed up, and give up their hope. in the leaders.

The current situation facing Ghanaians, have grown, and matured to a stage; where it has successful ‘unleashed the beast’ in Ghanaian, (especially those in the NPP’s stronghold-Ashanti Region); and not only that, the situation in Ghana now, has kept everyone standing in their sleep, and making even ‘the dumb’ to speak.

President Nana Addo; who is current making a working visit in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, got caught-up in one of the most shameful moment of his lifetime; when the people of the Ashanti Region welcomed him and his convoy, with a ‘big boo’.

This makes it the second disgraceful moment of the president from the Ghanaians public, in the month of October 2022.

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In the Ashanti Region, the President was not only hooted at; he and his vice (Dr. Bawumia), has be given a new name.

Whiles some people were heard, tooting at the President and his convoy, other were also heard in the background referring to him as Ghana’s Adolf Hitler; and with the title, ‘Nana Hitler’.

Though Vice President Bawumia wasn’t part of the Ashanti Regional tour, the Ashantis, in their disappointment in the Nana Addo-Bawumia government, have named Bawumia Adolf Henchman”.

It is very obvious, that these names given to the president and his vice, got its meaning from the atrocities (Holocaust), committed by Adolf Hitler.

Adolf Hitler, during and after his days has been considered by many as a man of no pity for people; He was said to be filled with so much evil; to the extent, that he careless when people suffers, or die in pains.

This names given to President Nana Addo and his vice, is simply referring to the fact, that, they have led Ghanaians into disappointments, pains and atrocities.

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