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Senyo Hosi justifies call for Agric Minister to resign

The former Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Chamber of Bulk Oil Distributors, Senyo Hosi, has justified his call for the resignation or dismissal of the Minister for Food and Agriculture, Owusu Afriyie Akoto.

According to Mr Hosi, the Agric Minister completely lacks leadership skills and the ability to transform the sector hence his call.

Speaking on the Citi Breakfast Show on Friday, an incensed Senyo Hosi said the minister’s arrogance discourages investors from making significant investments in the sector.

“The Minister’s recklessness is now overboard, and it is now clear for everyone to see. When there were shortages, this man said there were no shortages. He doesn’t even know the prices on the market,” Mr Hosi told sit-in host Nathan Quao.

He added, “this man lacks the capacity to lead this sector. Agric is the single most important industry we have in this country. It is one of the few sectors you can transform in a single election cycle. But what have we achieved so far? We have spent money with nothing to show for it. Show me which industry is a success. Is it poultry, which one…I think that Ghanaians we can only take so much.”

Minister of Agric, Owusu Afriyie Akoto

“Enough is enough, the politicians and sloganeering and their arrogance and the ‘I know it all culture,’ we are tired of them. We pay him, we put real money on the ground and when we lose it we lose it in our pockets and if you can’t help investors at least respect them, and he wants to be a president, it’s a joke.”

Mr Hosi’s comments come after the Agriculture Ministry asked him to furnish the ministry with information to enable it to establish claims that he lost millions of cedis by relying on data from the ministry.

The Ministry described Mr Hosi’s comment made in a video circulating on social media as unfortunate and said it undermines the integrity of the Ministry.


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