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Return contract certificate if you can’t complete roads – W/R Minister to contractors

The Western Regional Minister, Kwabena Okyere Darko Mensah has asked road contractors who are unable to undertake road contracts awarded them to return their contract certificates.

There abound a litany of roads awarded on contracts, yet contractors are not on site as some have abandoned work midstream with the excuse of they not being paid by government for works so far executed.

“There are a lot of road contracts in the western region, what we have seen is that some contractors are not doing their best. What we are saying is that any contractor who is not ready for the contract should write a letter to the ministry detailing his or her inability to fulfill the contract so that we re-award it. We are not ready to plead with any contractor again”, he emphasized.

The Western Region in recent times has seen some agitations by chiefs and indigenes over poor roads for which politicians keep emphasizing are on contract. The attitude by the contractors is seen as unfair by the Western Regional Minister.

“When the contractors were coming for the tendering process they brought along letters from their respective banks assuring the government that they had enough money to complete the contract. So if all of a sudden you turn around and complain of insufficient funds to complete the work then it means you are trying to deceive the government.”
he fumed over.

Just this week, chiefs in the Ahanta West Municipality have had to take to demonstrating over poor roads at Sankor – Cape 3 points although for the past 2 years they kept being impressed upon that the roads are all on contract since 2020 yet no contractor is on-site till date.

Source: Starrfm

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