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Prophet Kumchacha discloses favorite s$$x position

Prophet Kumchacha discloses favorite s$$x position; I last one hour in bed’

Prophet Nicholas Osei, also known as Prophet Kumchacha, has revealed some of the other pursuits in which he excels in addition to shepherding God’s sheep. Prophet Kumchacha revealed his wild side in an interview with Zionfelix, claiming that he is a “Hercules” in bed.

Kumchacha went on to say that his wife can attest to the fact that she enjoys intense, passionate sex, which might occasionally last for an hour. Kumchacha revealed more about his sexual skills by claiming that the “doggy style” posture suits him better.

“I’m able to last one hour in bed. One day, I’ll give you the opportunity to interview my wife. That one hour is just for the first round and she likes it. I give it to her front and back, striker and defender. She likes it that way. I am very strong. For my favourite position, we all know that 90 out of 100 men love doggy. It is very good, especially if you’re screwing her while she has got waist beads on,” he told Zionfelix.

Good sex, according to Kumchacha, is one way to distinguish true guys from the rest. He believed that women valued stronger men more than necessary affluent guys who are typically weak.

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“When they are sexually satisfied, only then do women learn who a real man is. You allow room for other people to sexually fulfil your girlfriend even if you have a room full of money and the means to do so. Therefore, the majority of wealthy men’s spouses have affairs with their chauffeurs, etc. These wealthy guys own a variety of vehicles, large homes, and expansive properties, but they are unable to appease their spouses at night.

“When you are able to satisfy your wives in bed, they wake up with some special kind of happiness and end up thanking you for the rest of the day,” he said. Watch the video below:

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