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Police Arrest Man Who Dresses Like A Woman and Steal From Male Clients(VIDEO). –

The hardship in Africa is making people find ways a means to make money any way possible. These thieves have developed a style where the male dress like a female so he can steal from them.
They mostly target clubs and spots where men are too drunk to recognise them as male and steal from them.

A man was detained by Ugandan police for impersonating a woman and robbing unwary men.
This Monday, the man—who was wearing a woman’s outfit—was taken into custody after a mystery man accused him of imitation.

The cops told him to remove the clothing so they could determine his gender.
22 men allege they were victims of the suspect more than three times, and 57 men have so far positively recognized the perpetrator as having deceived them.

Kindly watch one of the videos where this charlatan is dancing with one of his victims.


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