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Pastor accused a Tiktoker to stop deceiving men

Pastor accused a Tiktoker to stop deceiving men

A pastor recently confronted a young lady for eating ‘seductively’ while live on TikTok, and accused her of deceiving men.

A video trending online captures the hilarious moment the pastor tackled the lady and told her to stop coming online to eat because she’s attempting men.

He accused her of having evil mind for going live on TikTok to eat because it’s not normal and told her to eat whatever she wants to eat beforehand.

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He also warned men against watching the lady’s video because she would make them horny and push them into patronizing sex workers to quell their sezual urges.

However, the lady who had over many views, appeared pissed by the pastor’s comment and told him her viewers love watching her live videos.

She further told him to go live on his own TikTok page instead of watching hers.

Watch the video below;

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