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Nansana viral Video Freezes the Internet, OMG! Nansanana 😍


Nansana Trending No.1 on Twitter? Is it a videotape, the whole truth in this article? Hi, buddies welcome back to another series of viral trends in the country. This time it’s not Bushenyi, Kabale, or Kasese, guess what, it’s Nansana all the way. However, the big question for the day is, why is Nansana making rounds on different social media platforms?

Worry no more because as usual we always delivers when there is a huge demand for high-quality information. For the past weeks, the internet was flooded with various sub-standard clips according to social media in-laws until when the Bushenyi MP’s wife surfaced on the internet with waters, I don’t mean mineral water, but she had a waterfall that even geography has never ever even talked about.

These ranked the Bushenyi MP’s wife video the GOAT (Greatest of all time) ever since leaks started rocking the waves of social media. Remember there was a talk of Masaka Tycoon Emmanuel LWasa having the wildest clip when he displayed his small pencil but now all that is rubbish.

Ok enough of that talk, why is Nansana trending number one on Twitter in the pearl of Africa?

As I said, people, these days keep jumping on any trend to pass time and just have fun on social media. Being a very sad day after the passing on of political activist JakaanaΒ Nadduli, son of veteran bush war hero and ex-minister without portfolio Hajji AbduΒ Nadduli, people wanted to have a liko bit of fan and they thought making Nansana trend would give them happiness. However, through this trend, we may be surprised with a CRAZY juicy video from Nansana as well since Nansana never disappoints.

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