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My Husband Tried To Sleep With His Stepdaughter After I Went To Work – Lady Recounts

My Husband Tried To Sleep With His Stepdaughter After I Went To Work – Lady Recounts,

A lady by the name of Maame Akosua recounted how her husband tried to have intimacy with his stepdaughter after she went to work few months ago. The lady she had two kids with her ex-husband before she met Peter, they dated for only two months and got married. Few days after their wedding, she found out that her husband had 3 children but he didn’t tell her anything about them.

Her stepchildren used to visit them and spend days in single room the two of them are staying in. She then told her husband that she had built a house on the land that her ex-husband had bought for her children, so he should just helped her complete the house. Peter listened to her and helped to finish the house and they both moved in. Moreover, the man found a job for her, but he took part of her salary and claiming that he gave her the opportunity to work in his friend’s restaurant. Maame Akosua revealed that her husband made an attempt to sleep with their tenant’s daughter when he called the girl to clean their room, the tenant got scared and left the house to avoid more trouble, but she didn’t know what happened until a friend of his revealed it and even warned her to keep an eye on her daughter. A few days later, the man gave alcohol to her 14-year-old daughter and tried to sleep with her after she left for work.

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Fortunately, the young girl resisted her stepfather and ran out of the room. Akosua added that she was surprised and saddened when her daughter informed her about Peter’s intention to have affair with her. In order to protect her daughter, she ran away with the child to prevent her husband from succeeding with his plans.

The woman says she also informed the man to leave the house, but he says he built it, so he wants compensation before he move out of the house.According to Peter, it is true that he helped his wife to build the house a few months after their marriage. They all stayed happily and supported each other but it’s not true that he tried to sleep with their tenant’s daughter or his stepdaughter, it’s just an accusation.

Peter said that his wife quarreled with him recently and ran away from home. He was hoping she will come back home, but she gave him three months’ notice to leave their house while he uses his own money to finish the house. Peter says unless the lady pays him an amount of Ghc8,000 he used in completing the house before he will pack his belongings and leave.

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