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Meet the 26-year- old Undertaker who communicates with dead bodies

Twenty- Six (26) year old Sandra Donkor has recounted some heartbreaking and frightening experiences she has been through with dead bodies after she started working as an Undertaker.

According to Sandra Donkor, Undertakers have so many way of communicating to dead bodies in order not to hurt the feelings of dead people.

Speaking in an interview with Esi Guyguy monitored by, the courageous lady revealed “Sometimes before you can enter the room where dead body is, you have to knock the door three times before you can enter to show the dead some maximum respect”

“Before an Undertaker can dress a dead body, the person needs to seek permission from the dead body before he/she can work on the body” Sandra disclosed

You should let the body know that you are not there to watch his/her nakedness but just to make him/her beautiful so you need permission to work on his/her body”

Sandra Donkor added that “Sometimes you have to enter the room with either his/her son or daughter or any of the family members to make the body understand that you are not there for any bad intention but rather his/her family members want his/her body to look beautiful”

There are times when you see the corpse and the facial expression alone, it tells you they are not happy. So you have to talk to them. Sometimes, it takes the intervention of their kids or relatives to convince them before we take any action and without the family intervention, you can never work with the body”

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