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Kasapreko Ghana is paying its employees double salaries over economic hardship –

Kasapreko Ghana has said that all of its full-time and part-time workers will get paid twice as much.

According to the company, it’s a step it’s taking to help its workers in this tough economy.

In a statement signed by the country’s Managing Director, Kasapareko Ghana, it said that the decision to double everyone’s November salaries was made “in view of the recent economic volatility in the country, which is affecting the wellbeing of staff.”

In response to price increases caused by the Ghana Cedi’s rapid decline, Kasapreko Ghana also told its employees:

“The management hopes that this payment will help all of the staff and their families get through these tough times.”

Nestle Ghana has already told its staff that they will get a GH7,500 bonus.



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