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JHS graduate sheds tears after F9 in chains –

A fresh JHS graduate who failed in all the subjects he wrote in the just-ended BECE resorted to shedding massive tears after his results was printed out.

In a current trending video on Tiktok, the boy believed to be in his early teens expressed complete shock after seeing his results.

Samuel Kumi Kyei who completed Presby Experimental JHS didn’t even manage to get a single pass in any of the 8 subjects.

His highest grade was 7 which is also considered low and not encouraging at all.

Some social media users who have come across this video are asking if he ever stepped foot in the class because getting F9 in chains is very worrying.

Others have also advised his parents to enrol him on a trade or TVET institution because it’s evident their ward is academically weak.

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) released provisional results for the 2022 Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) for both school and private candidates two days ago.

The subject results of 416 school candidates and three private candidates have been cancelled for the offence of either bringing foreign materials into the examination hall or colluding with other candidates.

Aside from that the entire results of 73 school candidates and two private candidates have also been cancelled for the offence of bringing mobile phones into the examination hall.

By Armani Brooklyn


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