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ImpactAt25: Your ‘serve-leadership’ has brought you far – IGP to Bola Ray

The CEO of the EIB Network Bola Ray has reached higher heights in his career and as a leader to due peculiar serve-leadership traits he possesses, Inspector-General of the Ghana Police Service Dr. George Akuffo Dampare has intimated.

Delivering a speech at the launch of Bola Ray’s 25th year in the media anniversary dubbed ‘Impact At 25’, the IGP lauded the media mogul for directly and indirectly impacting the lives of many.

“…from where I sit, what I see is the fact that you have actually been embodied by serve-leadership and the element of it which has made your serve-leadership effective is self-discipline. Because without self-discipline you cannot be a serve-leader, and without serve-leadership, you cannot be a group and organizational leader, and without that, you cannot also make an impact.”

The IGP went on “so, if we are speaking to the fact that your life has impacted us, what it means is that you have actually lived, you have not survived and it is our prayer that the rest of your existence you continue to live for us to benefit.”

The ‘Impact at 25’ event was held on March 17 at the showroom of Alliance Motors, Accra.

The event saw in attendance members of the diplomatic corps, the IGP, senior security officers, ministers of state, politicians, businessmen and women, media, and entertainment tycoons, and social media influencers, amongst others.

Touching on Bola Ray’s life of impact, Dr. Dampare noted “you deserve to be celebrated, you have impacted us in a way that is beyond measure. Some of them were active, others were passive. Some of the instances were direct, and others were indirect. And how God has established you, I want to let you know you have just began.”

“If we are to measure your impact on the lives of others, I can say that if I want to add philosophically, it is horizontal, vertical, and diagonal. It cuts across everything.”

The IGP was in the company of two Commissioners of Police.

Meanwhile, astute businessman Sir Sam Jonah who was the guest of honor at the event touted Bola Ray as a testament to the power of perseverance. He said “let us not only honor his achievements but recognize the impact he has had on others’ lives. Bola Ray is a testament to the power of perseverance and the importance of dreaming big. He serves as an inspiration to us all and a reminder that no matter where we come from we all have the potential to make a difference.”

He further intimated “he is a truly remarkable Ghanaian who has served this country for the last 25 years in a very distinguished and impactful role. He is most iconic, he has been a trailblazer and of course, he’s been a hugely influential member of the media space.”

About Impact At 25

Detailing the project, Executive Assistant and Brands Manager for Bola Ray, Annabel Mensah-Brown explained that “Impact At 25 with Bola Ray is a legacy project to benefit as many people as possible. It’s about giving back to society, bringing together communities, and inspiring the lives of young people and the next generation to come.”

She went on to announce the series of events after the launch “we will start the project by running workshops and working with some of his esteemed friends. Notably, we will tap into industrial leaders from all different industries, such as; media, marketing, banking, technology, and many more. These leadership seminars will target the youth with their aspirations and dreams.”

Ms Brown added “they will learn what it takes to get them to that level and the hard work they must put in. The workshops will also occur in the universities in Accra and the other regions like Kumasi, Takroadi, and Tamale in the north. The events don’t stop there; this will be a year-long affair with other activities, a golf tournament and a charity ball.”

“I anticipate it being multi-faceted, so you can expect other elements to be added going forward,” she ended.

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