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I’ll Let Your People Dethrone You If You Allow Prez Akufo Addo To Enter Your Palace With His Chair

According to Kevin Taylor, the current rate at which the president travels in the country with his presidential chair is alarming. He added that it cost Ghanaians a lot of money anytime the president travels around with his presidential chair.

According to him, the chair of the president takes one full car in the presidential convoy. Kevin Taylor believes that the cost in the transportation of this chair can be used to fund an individual to start his or her business.

For this reason, Kevin Taylor has sent a strong message to all chiefs in the country who usually invite the president for various occasions. Kevin Taylor made it clear to the chiefs in the country that anyone who entertains the presidential chair in their palaces will be dethroned.

He added that the picture of the chief will be displayed on his television station(Loud Silence TV) and he urge his own people dethrone such chief.

I will keep track of Akufo Addo and any chief who allows him to bring his chair to his palace would be put on Loud Silence Tv and we will direct your subjects to dethrone you” he said.

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