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I make an average of Ghc7,000 monthly from selling coconut – 26-year-old reveals

I make an average of Ghc7,000 monthly from selling coconut – 26-year-old reveals

Selling coconut is gradually becoming one of the most lucrative businesses in the country if the account of 26-year-old Baba Rahman is anything to go by.

He disclosed that he prefers selling coconut and raking in more cash than working in an office where it would not fetch him up to fifty percent (50%) of what he realizes in a month.

Abdul Baba Rahman who is an SHS graduate revealed that he has been selling coconut seller for more than 3 years in Kumasi, the Ashanti Regional capital and does not regret venturing in that sector

Speaking in an interview with AMBASSADOR TV monitored by, Abdul Baba Rahman revealed that he started selling coconut following the demise of his father.

“My father died when I was in school, so I ventured into Coconut business to take care of myself. Majority of Ghanaians don’t value Coconut business and sometimes they disrespect the coconut sellers, but it is a profitable business”, he revealed.

On how profitable the business is he disclosed “Sometimes I can sell 200 pieces of coconuts in a day and even if I sell it Ghc4 I will get Ghc800 just a day. I can make profit of Ghc300 within a day so within a month I can make not less than Ghc7000 from my coconut business”

“Imagine a Coconut Seller who is making Ghc5000 or Ghc6000 every month will any day choose Coconut business over government work because how many government workers will take home Ghc5000 within a month” Rahman asked

“I feel proud that I couldn’t further my education after SHS due to family financial challenges because it strengthened me to take coconut business serious and now I’m making profit to take care of the family”

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Abdul Rahman when he was asked by Osei Kwadwo if he will stop Coconut business if he gets office work that will pay him Ghc2000 said “I will never make that mistake because I can raise Ghc5000 within a month as a profit if I decide not to sell more coconut within that month”

“Office work is too stressful but doing my work as Coconut Seller, I get enough time to do some other businesses and still make profit from even the coconut business alone”

“Assuming I’m receiving Ghc2000 working in an office, I have to spend half of the money as transportation so at the end of the month the work will turn to be hand to mouth”, Abdul Rahman observed and advise the youth not to depend much on government but rather try to start small business of which they can make profit from.

“I know university graduates who sell coconut, and they are making money from it. Even them if you tell them, you are giving them office work, they will run away from you”, he added.


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