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I introduced the first ‘Abossey Okai Macho’ truck in Ghana to carry spare parts

Business mogul cum retired Commissioner of Police(COP) Patrick Akolgo has disclosed how his business sight resulted in the introduction of a mini haulage truck popular known as ‘Abossey Okai Macho’ in Ghana.

COP Patrick Akolgo currently runs a chain of businesses ranging from hospitality, haulage, plant pool, construction, events and more.

Before joining the police service in 1992, the retired police chief and businessman worked as an Accounts and Budget and subsequently an election officer with the Electoral Commission of Ghana under former EC boss Kwadwo Afari Gyan.

According to him, his first business model was the purchase of a taxi in 1987 for transportation services which eventually led to the purchase of additional vehicles to scale up the business.

Speaking in an interview on Bolgatanga based Dreamz Fm monitored by, he disclosed that his passion for transport business led him into importation and sale of vehicles and spare parts.

This move according to him led to his discovery of the mini haulage truck popular known in Ghana as ‘Abossey Okai macho’ on one of his business trips and imported it into Ghana for the transportation of car engines and other heavy spare parts he sold to his clients.

“For all the successful businesses I had started and run, it has been the same principle of seeing opportunities. I tell this story of Abossey Okai macho. There is this particular small car they use to carry engines, I brought it into that Abossey Okai sphere. I brought it from Japan. It was one of my trips when I was walking with one of my Ashanti friends who is late now. I saw the car and it was very small, extremely small and I said to my friend [Nana], this car, can’t it do something in Ghana? He told me this police man, you are mad. I said OK and still went back after we bought everything and bought the truck. That was the story of the Abossey Okai macho,” he said.

He explained that “I did it because I realised that anytime I brought my engines and people came to the shop to buy, the biggest problem was how to fairy them from the frontage of the shop to the lorry station. I saw it as a motorised truck that could do the work faster and more efficiently. Apart from my shop, others came in to hire it. So anytime I went back I bought one or two and I had them running around in Abossey Okai. That was the business”.

As a top officer, COP Akolgo stated that running his chain of businesses did not in anyway affect his roles and duties as a police officer.

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