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I curse people who cancel trips without reason – Bolt driver says after hikes in fuel prices – SVTV Africa –

Ride-hailing service driver Gabriel Nartey-Kwao has disclosed that he threatens to curse riders who cancel orders without reason because not only do they lose fuel, but it also affects their driving score.

In an interview on Daily Hustle on SVTV Africa, Gabriel mentioned some challenges they face. He indicated that each cancelled trip affects their driving score, and they ran at a loss. As a result, he calls riders who cancel orders and threaten to curse them.
“When you don’t accept a ride order as the app has given you, your activity drops. But, sometimes, the rider also cancels the ride and reports that I asked them to cancel even after I have accepted. Meanwhile, I never asked them, and the score drops after that.
When that happens, the driver is blocked out of the system. I don’t take such things lightly these days. I will threaten to curse you if they don’t find a reasonable excuse for me, and they send me MOMO to compensate me because I’ve wasted fuel to get to your destination,” Emmanuel explained.
On sex for rides, Gabriel confessed to having sex with a rider as payment for a ride. He mentioned that sex workers patronize him more due to the time he works.



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