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How COP Patrick Akolgo’s path to becoming a Catholic Priest changed

Growing up in the Catholic Church and accustomed to the Catholic Faith at a young age influenced a priesthood desire of COP Patrick Akolgo, a retired Commissioner of Police and astute businessman.

Born to a military family at Burma camp in Accra, his father was a military officer who retired and relocated to Kumbosco-Zuarungu in the Upper East Region with the family. At the age of 6, COP Patrick Akolgo was enrolled into the UC Primary school in Zuarungu. He continued to Adakora middle school and then proceeded to the Bawku Secondary School in 1977.

In an exclusive interview on Bolgatanga based Dreamz Fm monitored by, the respected police commissioner disclosed that he desired to enroll into the Major Seminary to be trained as a Catholic Priest, owing to the fact that he grew up in the Catholic Faith and was heavily involved in the activities of the church together with his peers including the member of parliament for Bolgatanga East Constituency and Former Deputy Attorney General Dr. Dominic Ayine.

“When we were kids we were brought up in the Catholic Faith. So when I was young and growing up, we were in the Catholic Church and doing everything. We were working for the church, providing the necessary assistance when required. So the attraction was to the Catholic Faith. So myself and MP [Dominic Ayine] and others grew up together and everything was virtually being formed towards becoming Catholic priests. Almost all of us were on the path to priesthood and a few of us have gone there,” he disclosed.

However, the desire to pursue the priesthood dream was thrashed during his days as a student in the secondary school.

He recounted that “I discussed with my mum most of the time that I wanted to become a Catholic priest then she becomes sad. When I asked what’s the problem she tells me there is no problem except that she won’t get the chance to hold her grandchildren. That’s not the only reason but as we grew up, I finished 6th form and I was teaching, that was when I realised that no, I would want to pursue my academics in the business area. Not everyone can become a priest so eventually we didn’t choose to become priests”.

It will be recalled that Dr Dominic Ayine disclosed how his dream of becoming a reverend father was dashed when he got involved with a lady who picked seed for him.

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