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He’s disrespectful and fake… – Samini says Sarkodie doesn’t ‘support’ others

He's disrespectful and fake - Samini says Sarkodie doesn't 'support' others
Sarkodie and Samini

Ghanaian reggae musician Samini, one of the proponents of the dancehall genre in Ghana, has described rapper Sarkodie’s way of reciprocating musical favours as “fake and disrespectful”. Samini revealed that after several free verses for the SarkNation leader, Sarkodie ignored his call.

Samini responding to a Twitter user about another collab from the two Ghanaian musical gurus resulted in a tirade of tweets accusing Sarkodie of not living up to expectations.

Samini disclosed that he had already tried to get Sarkodie’s attention, but the rapper left him on “blue ticks”. Samini tweeted: “I got nothing against @sarkodie, and he knows it. He also knows that he Dey owe me personal apology for the blue ticks after having me send 3 tracks and he choosing 1. After asking me if it was a single or an album, to which I answered it’s an EP. He’s like coo. he’s yet to respond.”

Tweeps responded by pointing out that Samini should have gone through Sarkodie’s management for negotiations and finalization.

According to Samini, he has done free verses on songs for Sarkodie and hence did not expect such treatment from him.

“Preach on. I only responded to the fact that I won’t do a track with him and I won’t go on a track if he invited me. Because he’s disrespectful and fake when it comes to reciprocating favours. There’s nothing to discuss here. He’s my small bro, Chale. He fuck up wey I learn. Simple.”

See below for more tweets and responses from Samini:

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