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Freddy Blay comments on LGBTQ+ Is Unfortunate-Torgbui Tengey

Freddy Blay comments on LGBTQ+ Is Unfortunate-Torgbui Tengey

The Forum for kings and Traditional leaders of Africa has described Chairman Freddy Blay comments on LGBTQ+ as unfortunate that as a Christian before he will pass such comments on a national issues he needs to think deeply to avoid personal attacks as statesman.

Speaking in at a newsconference held in Accra, the chief of staff office of the Vice President, Torgbui Gobah Tengey, counsel parliamentary that the LGBTQ+ bill in parliament they should know the cultural norms of Ghana before passing the bill.

According to him, in Ghana same-sex conduct is already a crime, with violators facing a three-year sentence.

He said but the new Promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill seeks to criminalize identifying as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, pansexual, nonbinary, queer, an ally “or any other sexual or gender identity that is contrary to the binary categories of male and female,” according to a section of the Bill.

Torgbui Tengey hinted that he is aware some politicians are also advocating for the rights of anyone in those categories — through speech, printed material, electronic media or other means — could result in an even steeper sentence of up to a decade in prison if anyone been criminalized.

The proposal, which was submitted to parliament last month, also explicitly bans same-sex marriage and adoption, LGBTQ+ focused associations and gender-affirming surgery — ”except where the procedure is intended to correct a biological anomaly including intersex” he lamented.

According to him, the gross  indecency, which according to the measure includes cross-dressing and public displays of same-sex affection.

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He appealed for Coexistence among the traditional authorities, clergys and Imams to mount pressure on parliamentarians to deal with the Bill before them wisely.

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