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Field Marshall speaks against aphrodisiac abuse in new song, ‘Stamina’

Field Marshall speaks against aphrodisiac abuse in new song, 'Stamina'
Field Marshall

For Field Marshall, the excessive use of sexual enhancement drugs is increasing among sexually-active youth. He addresses this problem in his new song, ‘Stamina’, accompanied by a visually pleasing music video.

Although ‘Stamina’ has very raunchy lyrics, it plays ‘hide-and-seek’ with puns and similes, making it moderately digestible for conservatives.

In the music video, Field Marshall portrays himself in this video as the ladies’ man with a lot of natural stamina.

The song seeks to encourage men to engage in organic ways of preserving stamina whilst loving their women. Recently, large quantities of aphrodisiacs have flooded our markets, many of which may have side effects in later life or after prolonged use.

The ‘Stamina’ video illustrates African women’s beauty. Subtly touching on polygamy or Gallis life — a man openly declaring affection for more than one lady and staying responsible with them. According to Field Marshall, this is embedded in African heritage.

The song was produced by MOG Beatz with video direction by Kojo Myles.

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