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Dorcas Fapson Reveals Why She Dumped Skiibii – Claims She Has Been Feeding Him – ThatCelebrity.Com

DJ Dorcas Fapson has dropped the bombshell of why she dumped her boyfriend Skiibii as she claims to have been the one feeding him in the relationship and buying him expensive gifts.


Dorcas Fapson threw shades at Skiibii in a previous post saying he has ice on his hands and his neck but doesn’t have food in his fridge nor any money in his pocket, saying that’s how most celebrities live their lives as they portray to be rich online but has nothing in reality.

After this, some fans were dragging Dorcas Fapson for shading Skiibii because he has stopped lavishing her with all the goodies he used to give her, and she has replied to that saying she was the one who was feeding him in that relationship as he takes money from her.

Dorcas Fapson went ahead to state that the Fendi and most luxurious things we saw on Skiibii were all bought by her with her own hard-earned money and she even flew him to relax when they were dating but he paid her back with lies and cheated on her as well.

screenshot below;


Meanwhile, on her Snapchat status, Dorcas Fapson unintentionally posted a bedroom clip intended for the well-known musician Skiibii.



Skiibi’s message, in which he discussed “highness” and “ballon,” was captured on film.



Fapson was also seen seated close to a person who gripped her leg during a waxing procedure and was dressed in a black sweatshirt.

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