Saturday , 4 February 2023

Dogs Feast On Man’s P-nis And Testicles As Punishment For Rape [ Video ] –

Rape can be one of the harrowing experiences a person can ever go through in life.

This is because, the sexual intercourse between the two parties involved is not consensual.

One thing is common about rape worldwide. It is something condemnable by individuals, institutions and governments.

Various countries make different rules to protect victims of rape .

Some of these punishment include fines, imprisonment with hard labour, castration and even in some cases death.

In a video going viral on social media, a young man is going through the worse punishment of his life because of an incident of rape.

In the video, the man is tied with his hands to his back while his penis and testicles are feasted on by dogs.

This punishment is so painful that the man is seen crying and hoping to get rescued but the people around just feel this is the best way to treat such a person.

After watching this video, kindly share with is whether you think this kind of punishment is right for people who rape others or is simply inhumane.

Kindly watch the video 👇👇👇


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