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Dog meat patrons lament price hikes –

The current economic hardship in the country has forced the price of dog meat, a delicacy in some parts of the Upper East Region, to increase, causing many patrons at Wiaga, in the Builsa North Municipality to complain.
Patrons of the meat in the community, which is noted for many dog meat joints spread across vantage areas within it, expressed concern about the price hike which had affected the quantity of the delicacy they usually bought and denied those who could not afford it.
Some travellers from other parts of the Region also patronise the meat anytime they find themselves at Wiaga.
A Senior Nurse at the Sandema Hospital, on condition of anonymity, told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) at Wiaga that the economic hardship compelled them to drastically reduce the quantity they consumed.
“The hardship has forced me and other colleagues to reduce the number of times we visit Wiaga for dog meat. We are becoming malnourished as a result of the insufficient consumption of our delicacy,” he joked.
According to the nurse, “The mystery about the delicious taste of dog meat is the fact that we feed dogs with what we eat, so what meat could be healthier? Something has to be done about the economy so that we can go back to the normal quantity of our delicacy.”
Ms Celestina Angaadi, an Apprentice at a hairdressing salon, in an interview with the GNA, expressed concern about the high cost of the meat, saying “I am not able to buy dog meat these days, it is very expensive.
“I always have an appetite for meat, but because of the price, I cannot afford it. At least, in those days, with GH₵5.00, I could get a piece, but now, unless GH₵30.00 or GH₵40.00. Dog meat is very delicious, but as it stands now, I cannot afford it,” she said.
At one of the joints, where Mr Kojo Issahaka, the owner, had both dog meat and pork on display on his table, said dog meat was one of the major businesses in the town, but the economic hardship in the country greatly affected the sales.
Formerly, he said the price of an average live dog was between GH₵100.00 and GH₵150.00 but it had increased presently to GH₵300.00, adding that the high cost of fuel also affected the business as he travelled outside the Municipality on a motorbike to buy live dogs.

“We do not know what is happening in this country. Even simple ingredients like salt and pepper to prepare the meat are costly,” he said.
Mr Issahaka said the head of the dog which used to go for GH₵15.00, was now sold for GH₵30.00, “Someone came and wanted to buy the dog head, and when I mentioned the price, he could not afford, so he left.”
He disclosed that he could slaughter up to three dogs a day, and by 1600hours, everything would be sold out, but pointing to the meat on his table, he said “As you can see, I slaughtered just one dog, but no sales.”
Mr Charles Aviyali, another dog meat vendor who equally lamented over the low patronage, said before the current economic hardship, with GH₵5.00, customers could get a piece of the meat.
He explained that with the current situation, the meat was sold in parts, “This time, we don’t cut small pieces, but only full parts, like the thigh, head and neck. And a full thigh goes for GH₵40.00 or GH₵45.00 depending on the size of the dog.”

While interacting with the GNA, a customer came and requested to buy GH₵5.00 meat, but was disappointed even though he pleaded, he finally walked away after Mr Aviyali insisted that the prices were fixed and non-negotiable.

Source: GNA


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