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Details emerge on man electrocuted after climbing Kasoa high-tension pole

Details emerge on man electrocuted after climbing Kasoa high-tension pole

GhanaWeb has gotten new details on the deadly incident in Kasoa on Friday, October 14, 2022, when a young man climbed a high-tension pole, and got electrocuted before falling off the electricity pole.

He was subsequently declared dead.

The new details about his person were gleaned from a broadcast on YouTube TV Channel, Kofi TV’s radio service, Kofi Radio.

It included the name and age of the deceased, his occupation as well as the exact area where he died.

According to the Kofi Radio report, the deceased was a 24-year-old called Kofi Kakra. He worked as a driver’s conductor, known in local parlance as a ‘mate’ at a place known as Kasoa Galilea. The area the incident happened is called Galilea High Tension, the report added.


Personnel of the Ghana Police Service and the onlookers were captured in a viral video as they tried to stop Kofi from climbing the high-tension pole.

Another viral video cited by GhanaWeb showed that he evaded all attempts to prevent him from climbing further, eventually touching the high-voltage wires with his feet.

After hanging off a disc insulator of the tension pole for something, the man, unfortunately, stepped on the conductor which immediately electrocuted him.

Before stepping on the conductor, onlookers can be heard telling him not to do so but he could not hold his balance.

A journalist, Kwaku Asante, who shared the video on Twitter, said that the man climbed the pole because he was fed up with life.

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“A man has climbed the high-tension poles in Kasoa and, according to eyewitnesses, says he won’t come down despite the police on site. He says he’s tired of life and the economy,” Asante tweeted.

An onlooker, with a Nigerian accent, was also heard running commentary in the background of the video, saying that a Ghanaian man had climbed the pole because of the hardship in the country.

“The police are around to rescue this Ghana man who says he is tired of life. They should let him get to the top,” the man said in Pidgin English.

The Ghana Police Service has not commented on the incident yet.


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