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‘Concerned citizen’ against bi-sexual YouTuber Ama Governer’s law career exposed

‘Concerned citizen’ petition against bi-sexual Youtuber Ama Governer’s law career exposed
Ghanaian bi-sexual YouTuber Ama Governor

This featured document uncovers one ‘concerned citizen’ who lodged a complaint against a Ghanaian bi-sexual Youtuber’s eligibility to be called to the bar to practice as a lawyer in the country. The said document was written by one Hajia Siduri, who attached their contact number to the petition.

An interesting twist to the matter emerged when it came to light that the phone number attached to the petition to disbar Ama Governor belongs to Ace broadcaster and a student of the Ghana School of Law, Richard Delay Sky. 

According to Mr Sky, the phone number in question is indeed his, but he has no knowledge about the letter. He issued a statement, disassociating himself from the letter targeting Ama Governor. 

He wrote, “To avoid doubt, the number displayed is my number, but I did not author the document in question. Also, I am not connected to anyone involved with the said document. I have since drawn the attention of the relevant authorities to the issue for the appropriate redress.”

Ama Governor was scheduled to be called to the Bar today. But her appointment has been postponed pending an investigation into a complaint about her character received by the school.

The letter accused Ama Governer of “damaging the reputation of the lecturers and the entire school.” It also states that “videos and website publications indicating that she is in the habit of having sex with other females,” adding that “Ms Governor has developed the habit of breaking Ghanaian law, school rules and regulations and Ghanaian cultural norms.”

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