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Commuters will continue to suffer if we don’t organise transport space

A transport analyst, Magnus Quarshie, says the implementation of an efficient transport system by the state would ease the financial burden of commuters.

Speaking to Citi News, after the recent transport fare increases, Mr. Quarshe said the Greater Accra Passengers Transport Executive (GHAPTE), should have been used to better organise the transport space.

But as things stand, he said GHAPTE had been led away from its mandate to manage the system in Accra.

“We set up GHAPTE as a quasi-government arm to plan, manage and organise the system. Then all of a sudden we bought buses and gave the buses to them and turned them into an operator.”

Mr. Quarshie explained that the government, through state-owned transit organizations, could subsidize the cost of transportation by ensuring that the entities have the needed funds to operate.

He warned that commuters would continue to bear the brunt if nothing is done about the situation.

“We seem to have fine plans. When it is about implementation, we get so disorganised and that is what is happening.”

“We need to bite the bullet and implement a win-win system. It is so sad. Commuters spend almost 50 or 60 percent of their salary on transport,” Mr. Quarshie said.



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