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Bride In Tears After Groom Dumped Her On Their Wedding Day After Discovering She’s ‘Born-4’ – Video

A bride faced her worst nightmare on her wedding day after the groom dumped her at the altar.

According to reports, the bride had four kids but kept them hidden from the groom.

Somehow, he learned about the children just before the wedding.

During the ceremony, he angrily revealed what he has learned and walked away.

A video shows the bride weeping and pleading with the groom to change his mind to no avail.

The groom was pretty clear in his mind that the wedding was over and he angrily shouted that she had four kids and kept it from him.

The moment was perfectly captured in a video going viral on social media.

Watch it below…

Fans were pretty unanimous in agreeing that the gentleman did the right thing because you cannot start a marriage with such a big lie.

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