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All That Should Be on Personal ICO Watchlist

The Cryptocurrency industry is going through a tough phase this year. There have been huge losses and investors are losing their capital in large amounts. Even the dominant digital currencies like BTC or ETH are getting affected by the ongoing market crash. And, for crypto trading and investment log in at this page

With this, investors are stepping back from investing huge sums in this market. Though many promising currencies are falling, others are rising at the moment. You can use this rising Crypto with an ICO. Read this blog post to find out more about what an ICO is and how to make use of the same!

ICO or what we call “Initial Coin Offering” is a common way where funds are collected for any Cryptocurrency-based startup. You can think of ICOs as somewhat similar to that of IPO.

Here, to carry out ICO, these Blockchain networks will create a certain amount of its native token. After this, the firm will sell these tokens to investors. This is done in exchange for other Crypto or utilities!

In the case of an ICO, there is a win-win condition for both parties. As a buyer, you can access the services with the help of the tokens. And, for the sellers, this is a new and easy way to acquire funds for their startup.

ICO is a fresh concept in the Crypto industry and it may be a little confusing. But, there are some proper steps that a firm needs to follow while executing this method.

Step 1:

The first step of an ICO is the structuring of the coin. Also, there are different ways to structure this. The first structure can be that of static supply and dynamic pricing. With a target of stable supply and fluctuating funding, the total price of each token will be dependent on the total amount raised in the ICO.

The second structure can be varying supply with static prices. And the third one can be made with both supply and prices of tokens as fixed.

Step 2:

After structuring the ICO, the firm will have to produce white papers or a pitchbook. These papers will consist of all the important details of the ICO. It will include information about the fund requirements, the period of the ICO, accepted currencies, and others.

As the firms are in their initial period, investing in any ICO can be a risky task! But there are many fine ICOs that can generate higher profits. So, if your risk tolerance is higher, you will have a higher chance of getting the best rewards.

These top Crypto ICOs are a must-add-on to your list:


This is a fresh release in the market of meme coins. Tamadoge is an emerging Crypto in this industry and it was able to sell off its ICOs in 8 weeks. With this, the network was able to raise a total fund of around 19 million USD! At present, it is working on its IEO on OKX.

Investing in Tamadoge is a good option because the value and price of TAMA are on a constant rise. There is a huge potential to earn a good number of profits soon.


Though many such ICOs fail to fulfill their promises, IMPT has been proving this wrong! It is a fresh Crypto-based project and has growth potential.

It addresses global issues like climate catastrophe and is the greenest Crypto! It establishes a connection between socially conscious brands and people with similar objectives.

Dash 2 Trade:

This is another fresh release that will help in offering new opportunities to the firms and investors. By raising more than 400,000 USD in a single day, this is the best Crypto ICO.

D2T is in its presale stage where its price is low. But, to offer the early investors a good amount of profit, the rates will increase. You can keep a stock of these tokens before the price rises.

Toon Finance:

This is one of the highly discussed ICO due to its amazing first-stage presale. By buying this token, more investors are associating themselves with the Crypto industry. It has got tons of merits to convince you in investing in Toon Finance!

All these Crypto ICOs are good options as an add-on for your investment in this industry.

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