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All major hotels are booked ahead of Xmas festivities – Socrates Safo

All major hotels are booked ahead of Xmas festivities - Socrates Safo
Socrates Safo

Socrates Safo, Director for Creative Arts at the National Commission on Culture (NCC), has given an update on Beyond The Return and December in Ghana campaign on 3FM’s Showbiz 360. According to him, foreigners and the diaspora have turned up in their numbers to celebrate the holidays with Ghanaians.

The Chairman of the Clarification Committee revealed that hotels in Ghana have reached their max capacity as they host and serve numerous holidayers staying in Ghana.

“I can tell you that let’s do a test, go to any of the hotels and say that you are coming to book. Fully booked. Let’s go right now and test. You will see that they are all booked. And this is the reason why we organise something like this.”

Socrates Safo adds that this is an opportunity for creatives like event organisers and businesses to take advantage to curate profits. He points out that other holiday destination sites like Dubia and the Maldives have created prospects that keep vacationers entertained. Hence boosting revenues and, subsequently, the economy.

“These people are coming with money. They have saved just to come and spend. That is their lifestyle. They were going to other countries to have fun, but now, we’ve given them a reason to come home.

“Data from research we did a year ago, we realised that they didn’t spend 60% of the money they came with because there weren’t many activities to engage them.”

December in Ghana is fast becoming a global theme, with Ghana becoming a hot destination for holidayers.

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